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"The Story of Hornsey" 1904 [view or tap pic

by R.O.Sheringham  published . An excellent read covering the main developement of the area. This is my scanned PDF but not proof-read......yet!


"The Village of Crouch End" [view or tap pic

A History from 13C to1935
PDF. A short, matter of fact account with some good pictures and


"A Future History of Crouch End"  [view or tap pic]

(my vision of the future!) unfinished in 3 chapters - PDF


My design for a Hornsey flag  [view or tap pic]

The borough was killed off in 1965 and incorporated into the larger borough. Nothing but problems have arisen since with the local area not being able to run their affairs.


Hornsey borough map 1906  [view or tap pic]

This map was included in "Healthy Hornsey: official guide to the borough. edited by W.H Wiltshire.


Beer bottle labels from the Hornsey brewery                  [view or tap pic]

Brewed by V F Rhodes & Co. Ltd. at the Hornsey Brewery