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Paintings and Drawings


Published as "The Moderm Age" - PDF


Video Galleries

Trips to some of my favorite places

"How to Outbore a Bore"

The essential survivors guide in dealing with a pub bore by Roger Hayman and Brian Price who also did the web design



     6 circular walks from       Crouch End


 Hornsey Crested China.

Produced as ornaments, momentos or gifts from visitors from about 1880 -1930 



My Performances

On YouTube including my folksong and classics arrangements


My Compositions

on YouTube



Including my arrangements, scores, and more


"The Story of Hornsey" 1904 by R.O.Sheringham

An excellent read covering the main developement of the area. This is my scanned PDF but not proof-read......yet!


"The Village of Crouch End"

A History from 13C to1935 PDF. A short, matter of fact account with some good pictures and maps.

"A Future History of Crouch End"

My vision of the future!unfinished in 3 chapters PDF


My design for a Hornsey borough flag

 The borough was killed off in 1965 and incorporated into the larger borough. Nothing but problems have arisen since with the local area not being able to run their affairs.


Hornsey borough map 1906

This map was included in "Healthy Hornsey: official guide to the borough. edited by W.H Wiltshire.


Beer bottle labels from the Clarendon Road Brewery


Brewed by V F Rhodes & Co. Ltd. at the Hornsey Brewery



Homes for U

A personal view of local authority housing


A Monthly Magazine - 1993

1993 A piss - take but all in good fun! From the days when people could laugh at themselves . This monthly magazine had a short life and I believe ran for a year. The first 6 issues were free and was a bit of fun. After that you could say the script ran out, became more serious and cost 50p.


Alcohol Planner

How to cut down on alcohol - It is all about you! Don't bother with a tracker - you need a plan first (...then a tracker!) Colour Coded Alcohol Planner - to print



"A Tribute to Thunderclap Jones"

My website dedicated to this fine pianist / composer / arranger


"A True History of Crouch  End"

by Roger Hayman and Brian Price


The site of Chris Elliott


The site of Brian Price