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Welcome - site and original content (except where stated) by Roger Hayman


Paintings and Drawings  [view or tap pic

Acrylics, drawings (including computer-drawn)


Poems [view or tap pic

Published as "The Modern Age"


Galleries  [view or tap pic]

Video Galleries of trips to some of my favorite places


How to Out-bore a Bore  [view or tap pic]

The essential survivors guide in dealing with a pub bore by Roger Hayman and Brian Price who also did the web design 


Walks  [view or tap pic]

6 Circular Walks from Crouch End  


Hornsey Crested China  [view or tap pic]

My collection of Hornsey Crested China. Produced as ornaments, momentos or gifts from visitors from about 1880 -1930  


My Music [view or tap pic to reveal 3 more pages]

My performances, compositions and other scores and arrangements


Hornsey History [view or tap pic to reveal 6 more  pages]

including 2 publications "A History of Hornsey" (1904) and "The Village of Crouch End".


"Homes for U"  [view or tap pic]

 A personal view of Council Housing


"The Crouchender"  [view or tap pic]

1993 A piss - take but all in good fun! From the days when people could laugh at themselves . This monthly magazine had a short life and I believe ran for a year.


Alcohol Planner  [view or tap pic]

How to cut down on alcohol - It is all about you! Don't bother with a tracker - you need a plan first (...then a tracker!) Colour Coded Alcohol Planner - to print out


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