How to cut down on alcohol - don't bother with a tracker - you need a plan first


This plan assumes you are drinking too much but have difficulty cutting down. You need 2 things. Firstly a plan and secondly incentive or failing that motivation or a good reason to cut down. Without either you will fail.

HOW IT WORKS  -  It is a simple plan that gives something realistic to aim at. You make your own plan and can change it along the way. You have got future events involving drinking taken care of.  You have a structure to look at  and can therefore improve. It is all about you!

THE INCENTIVE  -  This is necessary otherwise you won't bother to cut down. There are already the inbuilt things like weight loss, saving money and health benefits. The plan is to give you added incentive.

MAKING IT EASIER  -  When you feel like a drink but want to avoid it  there are some things you can do. Alcohol-free drinks may give you the satisfying physical action of drinking and not look obvious what you are doing in company. Having a meal at the time you would fancy a drink may make you less interested in having one.

THE PLAN  -   On the right is an example of a planner.(Download planner) Firstly you plan your daily units for the week ahead by inserting an X for each unit you are likely to consume on chosen days. Then you put the same number of units in the weekly area. Try to include AFD's (Alcohol Free Days) and to keep below 6 units per day.

If you break your plan as the week progresses then show this by adding units (XN's) on the planner or delete by putting a circle round the X.


In the example 4 units less were consumed on Tuesday than planned so these were deleted in the daily record. Also 2 more units were consumed on Thursday so added to the record. Adjust total weekly units at the end of the week. Weekly total here is 20.

Breaking your plan doesn't matter as  you started out with a plan and has given you a you a structure to work with. At the end of the week you have something to look at. As time passes you may be better at keeping to your plan.